Employment Assistance

Not able to obtain a civilian job or having difficulty translating your military work experience? We provide several resume writing techniques and  skills training to assist veterans achieve their career goals.

Family Help and Counseling's


Being able to speak with a professional counselor can make all the difference. A vast number of military veterans deal with stress and mental illness which plays heavily into their lives. Many of those issues unfortunately go unresolved for the lack of awareness or acknowledgment. VTAP is here to change all of that by making the tools needed for success a well-known option for our veterans.  


Educational Assistance

Utilizing your skills and benefits may prove to be challenging to veterans. We provide you with the knowledge and the training to obtain that career and educational goals you have made for yourself. We help you use your allowances to your benefit.

At Veteran Transition Assistance Program Inc., our agency works to help alleviate problems surrounding
employment and education, as well as offers personal counseling services. It is our calling to help those that
gave so much of themselves so that they may regain control of their lives.


It is not a secret that far too many military veterans and their families struggle to get by.
This is especially true after coming home from deployment, after having been
discharged from duty, or if they have been severely injured.